Home-scale herbalism is a sustainable, empowering and health-promoting practice.  Get inspired to practice home-based herbalism with plants from your local eco-system! Sierra Botanica offers classes and hand-crafted products, with a special emphasis on the use of plants that are weedy, wild, or easily grown in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

garden herbs for body careClasses
We offer classes to empower you as a capable home-scale herbalist, with daylong, evening, and weekend class formats.

We provide hand-crafted herbal care products, made in small batches in the Sierra Foothills.  We integrate the use of native and naturalized plants found in our region to create unique products that reflects our local ecosystem.  Learn more about our products.

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  1. aditi watson says:

    I am excited to join the herb class for june 12. See you there!

  2. Allegra Hiner says:

    How can I get more of your excellent Elder Flower Cream? I bought some from you at the Farmer’s Market when I was visiting the area. I’ll be up your way again next Thursday – do you have it for sale in any stores in the area? At the County Fair? By mail order? Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hi Allegra,
      Glad to hear you are enjoying the cream! It’s my favorite blend for dry skin. I can mail order, or if you’re in town, you can pick up from my house in Grass Valley. I’ll be at the Nevada City Farmers Market August 6, Ridgestock on August 20, and again at the Farmers Market on the 27. Also, later this month my product will be at the new HAALo apothecary in downtown Nevada City, on commercial Street. Make arrangements for pick up at 530-273-3083.

  3. Carol Cavanaugh says:

    I have been using your calendula and elder flower creams. Finally I have found face creams that works for my reactive sensitive skin. I had all but given up – spent hundreds at the health food store over the years trying everything I could find. I can’t say enough about your products.

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