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Manzanita FlowersIntroduction to Home Scale Herbal Medicine, a 4 part series
This series is designed for beginning home herbalists who want to feel more confident using self-prescribed herbal medicine for health and wellness.? Topics include general principals of home-scale herbalism, tools of the trade, discussion of various forms of herbal medicine, safe and appropriate application, as well as how to make your own herbal preparations at home.? An emphasis will be placed on locally available plants with a long history of safe and effective use.

Field classHerbal Medicine Field Series, a 3 part series
The curriculum is designed to build the essential skills needed for using local herbs for health and wellness, and includes a mixture of lecture, plant walks, experiential activities and demonstrations. Participants will leave each class with a freshly made herbal prep, relevant hand-outs, and a template for three personalized herbal monographs for local medicinal plants. Read more

Spring CSAWild Food & Medicine CSA
The Wild Food & Medicinal Herb CSA (Community Supported Awareness) provides hands-on education for those who want to safely use abundant local plants for food and medicine, experience their local bioregion more intimately, join a greater community to share knowledge about ethical wildcrafting. Read more

img_2435Herbal Skin & Body Spa
Spend a few hours indulging in fresh, organic herbal body care treatments.? Treatments are designed based on interest, and may include herbal skin brushing, herbal steams, facial masques, salt scrubs, herbal teas, fresh garden toners, steaming footbaths, deeply nourishing creams, hot oil hair treatments, and more.? Choose to make a few custom products along the way or just indulge in treatments with a special group of friends. Read more.

elderberrySeasonal Medicine Making, a 3 part series
In this 3-session series, you?ll learn how to use local wild and cultivated herbs to make seasonal remedies for the fall and winter season, and begin building up your own herbal remedy pantry.? Class discussions will include plant identification, how to process fresh herbs and roots, and how to safely and ethically wildharvest. Every session, participants will take home three herbal medicines made in class.

Esalen courseWeekend Skin Care Retreat at Esalen
Take a personal retreat and discover the joy of making your own organic skin and body care in the beautiful gardens at Esalen. Over the weekend, you?ll enjoy a series of herbal skin treatments and have the opportunity to make your own customized set of herbal skin and body care to take home. Read more.

IMG_6859-161x300Herbal Baby Care Basics
A great class for parents who want to learn some basic strategies for herbal baby care, make some of their own pure and clean baby care products, and avoid chemicals or other harsh? ingredients often found in commercial baby products.


facial scrubHerbal Personal Care
Gain independence from commercial personal care products (for hair, body and teeth) and start making your own from herbs and other whole, organic ingredients.? Save money, reduce your exposure to unwanted chemicals, and reduce your carbon footprint!


rose creamHerbal Skin & Body Care
Make your own nourishing skin care from the garden. Learn to make? fresh, high quality products with local? ingredients to increase your self-sufficiency and save money at the same time.


Herbal Remedies for Summer: Insects, Poison Oak, Sunburn & More
Learn how to make simple yet effective herbal remedies for some of our common summer nuisances in the foothill region.