Nettle and horsetail infusing in apple cider vinegar

Date: Saturday, July 20, 2024
Time: 9am – 3pm
Location: Nevada City
: $105 – 135, sliding scale, early registration before June 20,
includes set of fresh, customized herbal preps

In this two-part series, learn how to identify and process commonly grown herbs (and weeds!) in the Sierra Nevada foothills and make them into concentrated herbal preparations you can use at home.  Learn to create your own fresh, customized products without the cost (or unwanted ingredients!) of commercial products.  See details on Part I. Part II,  Tincture Extractions, is described below.



Learn how to concentrate and preserve medicinal herbs into tinctures.  We’ll start with a plant walk to get to know some common medicinal garden herbs, weeds, and native plants.  You’ll gain familiarity with some basic concepts in plant identification and learn a variety of herbal applications for conditions like insomnia, anxiety, pain relief, poison oak rash, and more. You’ll learn basic concepts in making liquid extracts with alcohol, apple cider vinegar, as well as the double-extraction method best suited for concentrating and preserving medicinal mushrooms.  Together, we’ll make (and you will take home):

-an herbal tincture 
-a topical vinegar tincture to prevent and relieve poison oak rash -or- an nourishing herbal hair rinse
-a tincture and clay topical treatment for bites and stings

We’ll discuss a wider context for making and using herbal tinctures, including:

-“folk” method versus weigh & measure
-when high proof alcohol is best, and when it’s not
-choosing between fresh and dried herbs for tincture making
-special considerations for making cannabis and mushroom tinctures
-preservation and longevity of products
-herbal vinegars and shrubs for culinary and mocktail fun
-nutritive herbal infused vinegars for hair care
-dosage guidelines

You’ll leave class with the recipes and the know-how to confidently make various extractions for topical and internal use.

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